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Designing Modern Work Café for Smart Co-Working Spaces

It does not come as a surprise that Cafés have always been the hot spot for business rendezvous and client meetings. But today, Cafés are increasingly turning into retreats for office going employees too who seek to work, away from work. Of course, office goers love their coffee, but this is more about the entire experience which attracts employees to coffee houses like bees to flowers. People like the buzz of a bustling environment, the smell of coffee, and the fact that there’s no one there to disturb them in the middle of their work. Research has shown that a moderate level of ambient noise, such as the clattering of plates and the whir of a coffee machine, improves focus. The warm mood of the cafe, the absence of cluttered desks and the presence of a chilled out crowd eases your anxiety and calms your senses.

But since cafes are not originally meant for work, there is one key area that it lacks, and that is the availability of ergonomic furniture. Coffee house furniture, while good enough, are (deliberately) not meant for long hours of sitting. You won’t find an arrangement like a comfortable office chair or a height-adjustable table for seating. There is no guarantee of a seamless Wi-fi, no nearby plug points for charging and not a table spacious enough to place your laptop, files and a coffee mug. And then there is always the awkwardness of occupying space when you are long done with your coffee.

Office Cafes - A Mix of Relaxation & Innovation

You can make the productivity hindrances disappear by creating a café at your workplace, exclusively for your employees. Work cafeterias can mimic the ambience of a cafe with the essential elements of an office. You get to choose your cafe chairs and tables, replete with plug points, internet connectivity, some background music and a lot of table space to keep things on. And with a good coffee dispenser, you can even get a great tasting coffee that’s as good Starbucks, well almost.

Cafe Chairs by HNI-India

Office cafeterias should be relaxed and comfortable but also energetic and quick. Check out the cafe collection by HNI India to add zest and breathe life into your office.

  • Mant-O: The colourful & fun, ‘Mant-O’ collection by HNI-India - a leading office chair manufacturer - are the perfect chairs for the office cafeteria. Their minimalistic design and clean lines impart a neat, fuss-free look.

  • Limber: The ‘Limber’ range of space-saving training chairs come with a folding writing tablet that can be rotated upwards from the bottom and then rotated horizontally. The multi-angle back adjustment provides occasional comfort to the user.

  • Relate: The ‘Relate’ chairs come with unmatched ergonomic excellence offering quick tension lever and body adaptive control to reduce muscle fatigue and encourage healthy movement.

  • Lyric: The ‘Lyric’ chairs with Its comfort and intuitive functionality, paired with simple yet striking lines, make it a perfect fit for your cafeteria.

Along with some fixed furniture, add some pieces of casual seatings such as an ergonomic chair, a sofa, a bean bag, etc. to move around easily allowing a fluid ambience. While work café offers a change of scenery, cafe furniture offers people a much-needed change of posture.

The modern office furniture at HNI India sparks creativity as it provides a variety of seating positions and environments for employees to discuss, brainstorm, and come up with new ideas. This is a key feature of working in an office with modern furniture.

  • Meta: Meta is designed to address your need for open space, need for collaboration and need for privacy.

  • Ingage: Ingage lets you create a private communication space in an open zone.

Ultimately, a work café acts as a more relaxed environment where people can connect with colleagues, their work and their organisation. A well-designed office cafe with the right elements can boost productivity and bring good cheer in the work environment. Such flexibility and freedom in the workplace can allow young professionals to work at their creative and productive best. Set up a work café with HNI India and offer and help your business keep up with the changing times, and retain top talent.

Enrich Workplaces with Biophilic Office Designs

It is an exciting time in the history of workplace design, a time in which new researches are enabling us to make informed choices to improve our experience of the work environment. ‘Biophilia’ is one such scientific field of research which talks about the human connection with nature and its effects on our health and well-being. A practical manifestation of this study of biophilia at the built environment is termed as biophilic design. When applied to office spaces, it involves modifying indoors by including more of nature, to maintain a connection with the natural environment. The best examples of biophilic designs can be witnessed at Google’s ‘Googleplex’ and the Apple campus at ‘1 Infinite Loop’. Many modern offices already imbibe the principles of biophilia by placing simple potted plants on or near employee workstation desk and erecting vertical gardens on selected office walls. As workplaces evolve, the biophilic design has begun to gain prominence, with employers realizing the resultant benefits such as reductions in staff stress levels and consequently absenteeism.

In today’s classy, glass & concrete offices, people are increasingly deprived of the natural surroundings, while it is more often the case that they find natural settings particularly appealing and aesthetically pleasing. Biophilic designs work by mimicking these natural environments within the workplace to infuse positive emotional experiences. Since we don’t take enough time to immerse ourselves in nature, it makes it even more vital for us to incorporate nature into our work environments. But, what does biophilic office design entail and what are the benefits?

What exactly is a Biophilic design?

Biophilic office design mainly refers to bringing the outdoors indoors, or more accurately into the workplace. It includes bringing abundant natural light into the office and introducing plants in the workplace. Many beautiful succulents can efficiently break the monotony of serious board meetings by simply sitting on your conference table; Incorporating natural features like wood and stone - keeping them on your desk or the meeting table works like a charm! The driving hypothesis behind the biophilic design is simple — incorporating human access to nature into our built environment. This can greatly improve our health and happiness.

Impact of Biophilic designs on employees

Research has shown that having access to various natural elements at work can have a positive impact on the individual employee. An office desk surrounded by bits of nature makes you feel relaxed, and this feeling often leads to productivity. A UK based study titled ‘The Relative Benefits of Green versus Lean office Space’ found that workers exposed more to nature were 15% more productive, compared to those with minimal contact. More nature means better air quality, a greater sense of wellbeing, improved concentration levels and/or a greater choice of work settings, including outdoor areas. They increase oxygen levels in the workplace which in turn, decreases mental fatigue and increases concentration levels and overall productivity.

An environment devoid of nature may create discord and can hurt health and well-being. For organizations who aim to lead and compete for the most valuable employees, biophilic design can create a clear point of difference. If you are looking for designing your office spaces or a makeover of an existing one, contact HNI India - World’s leading manufacturer for collaborative office furniture, office table and chair set, and ergonomic workspaces.