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7 Reasons Why Dedicated Workplaces Won’t Ever Run Out Of Fashion!

Working from home has opened a new window of opportunity for the corporate world, paving a wider way for remote collaboration. Even rigid companies that were uncomfortable with the prospect of virtual working are now positively embracing the possibility of making work from home a regular part of their business culture, at least for a select few departments. But one thing that has resounded itself unequivocally among employees is the importance of working from the actual office. An office has emerged to be more than just a workplace - as a hub that cultivates growth and innovation and fosters a sense of community & belonging. It provides all the necessary tools in one place. Not to mention, it promotes dynamic communication, discussion, and instant feedback. There are many other countless benefits that an actual workplace brings - some we already knew, some we reinstated, and some we found anew! Out of the various benefits, we bring you 7 good reasons why working from an office should matter more to us than ever before.

  1. 1. Provides a conducive environment for personal & professional growth - There is abundant research being carried out to support the fact that a workplace design is responsible for encouraging departmental connections and promoting innovative activities like building models, sharing content, testing prototypes, and building on the collective efforts of the team - all in real time. Every element at workplace be it the ambience, the location, the office workstation, and the employees around, all play an important role in shaping individuals.  
  2. 2. Fosters work culture - Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviours that determine how a company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions. Often, corporate culture does not need to be expressly defined but it develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires. The collective behaviours create an ethos distinct to that group of people. 
  3. 3. Workplace promotes creativity & improves focus - Hearing other people’s insights, advice, or even criticism compels you to think of ways to respond - which is the actual form of creativity. The more you have to talk to people, the more your mind has to think of responses, and in turn, the more creative you get. Moreover, the professional workplace environment with things such as an equipped system, a dedicated office table & chair set, a scheduled break and a lack of unwanted distractions helps you stay focused. 
  4. 4. Generation of New Ideas - The majority of good ideas come from inspiration, and people around you are its main source. A simple 5-minute conversation can lead to many ideas fast as compared to sitting in solitude and waiting for a decent idea to pop in your head. Ideas can truly be generated with discussions and deliberations. An office environment gives stimulus to the brain to come up with innovative ideas.
  5. 5. Human Connection & communication - We have heard so many cases of anxiety, stress and depression in people during the lockdown - the reason being loneliness. A lack of actual physical communication can lead to mental health issues. It also takes away the motivation and professionalism that only comes with communicating with fellow employees. Lack of involvement due to remote working also leads to more employees losing affinity with the organisation and eventually resigning off. Having a place to create meaningful connections is now more important than ever.
  6. 6. Promotes Agility - An agile workplace is one that can react swiftly to change. Workplace agility stems from this ability to work quickly, seamlessly and cohesively. But this requires both an ecosystem of spaces to support different steps of learning and a level of iteration and collaboration that happens best in person.
  7. 7.Mental & Physical Well-being - Finally, we all have experienced the sadness of working alone vs the cheer of working together in the office. It keeps your mind healthy and your body active. Leaving work at office is the best way to ensure a work life balance!

A workplace comprises of many more incorporeal elements than just the tangible ones like the employees, architecture, technology and furniture. These are often a result of face-to-face interactions. As we move into the future, we realise that work from office can never run out of vogue! 

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