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No Time To Walk Between Work? Height Adjustable Table Lets You Be Mobile At Your Desk

Studies have shown that whether you are working from office or from home, your immediate environment has a deep impact on your health & productivity.

Most of 2020 went in working from home. Now, more and more companies are realizing that, allowing their employees to work from home saves them a lot of operational costs! But working from home does not have to mean you put your laptop on just about anything and work. It also doesn’t mean you buy a dingy table and chair and call it your home office. If you have not bought one yet, you need to buy a home office table and chair set. Studies have shown that your productivity is largely linked to your immediate environment. Hence, you need a proper area with a home office desk to call your workplace.

Even for companies working from the office, now is a great time to consider changing things up – for the good health & increased productivity of their employees. Progressive workspaces now feature a height adjustable table for most of their employees to shuffle between sitting and standing while working without straying too far from their worktable. It is a win-win situation because these workspaces are good for the physical & mental health of the employees, and it also boosts productivity which means employees can get more work done in shorter periods of time. Moreover, as a company, this casts a positive impression in the minds of its employees & its customers because everyone all over the world are becoming more and more health conscious.

There are many benefits of using height adjustable table. Some of which are listed below:

Long Term Benefits

1. Reduced risk of developing a permanent slouch & back pain

Since you are not sitting all the time, your chances of developing a slouch are very little. Since you do not develop a slouch, your chances of suffering from back pain are minimal.

2. Reduced risk of developing heart disease

Being active and not stationary all the time, reduces your chances of developing heart problems or any other such issues.

3. Better blood flow all throughout your body

Being active and shuffling between standing and sitting throughout the day promotes the flow of blood all throughout our body. Since our body is put in different positions, our blood flow increases, and our body gets more blood all over. This leads to better health overall and reduced risk of many diseases. Although you must note that being active for just 1 day will not increase the blood flow in your body, this is a benefit which requires a long period of time to start showing benefits.

Short Term Benefits

1. Standing helps regulate food levels better than sitting

After lunch, don’t you feel drowsy while sitting at your table? Well, studies have found that the human body regulates and digests food much better while in a standing position than while sitting.

2. Better mood & energy levels

Studies have shown that the human body works much better when active. This is because of a special hormone released when we are active or when we workout. This hormone regulates mood and more of this hormone means better mood.

3. Better productivity

As shown in the point above, the hormone released in the human body (male or female) when we workout, helps us stay in a better mood all day. Better mood means we are more active mentally and approach every situation with a positive approach. This leads to better outcomes and increase productivity.

So why don’t we just stand and work all day?

Well, everything in limits is good. Standing all day could also be detrimental to your health. Going from sitting all day to standing all day could lead to big problems, but the point is, even if you are used to standing all day, it is bad. One should create a mix of standing & sitting throughout the day. A Harvard study shows that the best way to go through your workday is to integrate a healthy mix of standing and sitting all throughout the day. The best way to facilitate this is to get a height adjustable table for yourself at home. If you have already decided to get yourself one, we have the perfect one for you! Visit our site and see for yourself!