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6 Ways in Which Modular Office Furniture Can Add More Value to Your Workplace

One thing nobody likes is a dull-looking office space. Your office space will have a huge impact on your productivity which is why it is necessary to have the right decorative vibe to your office. Buying the right furniture not only adds a certain warmth but also makes you feel good mentally which in turn helps you boost your productivity. Buying modular office furniture is the easiest option when it comes to your furniture needs.

So, what exactly is modular office furniture? It is basically furniture that can be used individually or in permutations and combinations according to your needs. The biggest advantage of modular office furniture is that it is easy to move around and is flexible to fit in all kinds of decors. Also, with modular furniture, the installation process is considerably shorter and helps you save money as well as time.

Here are some features of Modular Office Furniture:

1. Easily adjustable

As they say, change is the only constant and surely each of you must have wished furniture could be re-arranged occasionally according to need. The good news is modular office furniture can be easily switched to accommodate the latest furniture designs that you might plan to purchase in the future.

2. Variety

The best part about this furniture is that it comes in a variety of selections such as office chairs, lounge chairs & center tables with a wide gamut of colors & designs which makes it easy for you to choose from a variety of furniture.

3. Can be placed anywhere

Since modular furniture can be re-arranged, it can be moved anywhere to your convenience to create a multi-purpose work environment and switch back to the status quo with ease.

4. Space Saver

Modular office furniture can be used effectively to maximize the usage of your office space & some pieces of furniture also have the option of nesting them against the wall when not in use. Saving you a lot of space.

5. Attractive to the eye

Modular furniture is that it comes in a variety of new designs & colors and can easily make any office space look more elegant and livelier. Also, you can order online office furniture through various web platforms.

6. Environment Friendly

Along with great usability & convenience, modular furniture also offers some significant environmental benefits as the raw materials used to make this furniture are re-usable and dust-free to install.

In conclusion, modular office furniture definitely has a lot of advantages over regular furniture and is already becoming popular among office owners. HNI India is one of the largest workplace furnishings manufacturers in the world and a leading seating solution provider with over 350,000 sq. ft. dedicated to a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Nagpur. Redecoration on your mind? Reach out to us at:

5 Designs From HNI India That Would Make A Perfect Work From Home Desk

With the world settling steadily with the concept of work from home, the demand for office equipment for home has only increased. Furniture forms an important component of this need. A piece of good furniture can be critical to your productivity and health. The HNI range of work from home office furniture empowers you to create spaces that can be rearranged on a whim, creating environments conducive to work even when not in an office. If you are looking for a work from home furniture but are unsure where to start your research from, here are 5 hand-picked choices from HNI that will guide you.

1. AVAIL Height Adjustable Desk - An inspiring space that keeps you active at work

Studies have shown that posture change promotes well-being and increases productivity. The Avail height-adjustable work desk gives you the freedom to move effortlessly from sitting to standing work positions at the press of a button. The height-adjustable table by HNI - AVAIL, is one of the most popular choices among health-conscious folks. You can adjust the desk height according to your preferences and also keep changing it to suit your whims. The memory buttons allow you to record your height preference which eliminates the hassle of setting the right height every time. It also comes with an anti-collision sensor that stops the vertical movement as soon as it hits a barrier, thereby avoiding product damage. The Twin Motor Mechanism comes with a load-bearing capacity of 100kgs per workstation and ensures quick and quiet height adjustment. If you want to work at your full capacity without any compromise on quality, the AVAIL HAD will take you to the peak of your productivity.

2. ONA - Move freely, stand firmly

Most of us have a hard time managing the cables of different devices such as the computer, printer, and other equipment kept on and around our desks. Hence, the ONA comes with a cable management system that involves a grommet and a cable holder underneath it to place your cables and keep them from hanging. The sleek and metallic appearance imparts a professional look to your desk. The legs are attached with lockable castors that provide easy movement and solid stability. The horizontal bar runs between the two.

3. STAVA - Create space for everything

If your requirements are a little more complex and you are looking beyond the simple desk, then STAVA is definitely the choice for you. STAVA is a thoughtful desk that combines workspace and storage space into one. It comes with multiple levels of surfaces that allow you to divide your workspace as you like. You get a dedicated level for your laptop, a top-level for your succulents, pen holders, portraits, or other decorations, and a bottom one for storing files and folders or placing any other stuff. can also be folded to turn it into a file holder. Smart! Isn’t it?

4. TABBY - It’s a table, it’s a cabinet, it’s tabby!

Modern apartments are compact and minimal. Hence, it makes no sense to clutter the already preoccupied space with work from home tables. However, without a dedicated work desk, you can barely get your work done. So when work and space clash with each other, TABBY comes to the rescue. TABBY is a wall-mounted desk that folds up into a compact storage cupboard when not being used as a desk. The desk feels strong and safe because of the anti collapsible bolt that locks the board in place and prohibits it from folding involuntarily. The clever compartments made keeping the typical essentials in account are best to hold your work-related elements in one place. The neat little shelf on top gives you storage space to display some cheerful florals and greenery. So next time your friends come over, you know what will make you look smart!

5. IVO - No fuss, no muss - just pure space

When your requirements are pretty basic and you just want a surface to place your workload on, go for IVO. IVO is a truly simple, humble work desk that gels into your space like it always belonged there. The rounded edges ensure that you don’t get stabbed in the wrong places by accident. It has A-type floating legs which are solid and strong. They are placed in an angular form as opposed to the typical straight legs, to increase stability. And not to forget, it comes with a grommet and a cable holder underneath the surface to manage and hold your cables in place. Overall, IVO is for

HNI Corporation is one of the largest workplace furnishings manufacturers in the world and a leading seating solution provider. All of our furniture is designed to comfort the user irrespective of whether it’s an office or home. You can find the above furniture in our estore and get them home delivered to your doorstep. Happy Working!