Aligning and Designing Work Set-Up for Winning Your Employees

Building success stories on pre-established reputation might not be applicable in current scenario. Today is the era of a highly competitive market where you have to prove yourself every day. It’s the high performing employees that can play a pivotal in helping you achieve your organizational bottom line and stay ahead in the race. But, the question is how to inspire and motivate these employees to continue to give their best. The solution lies in creating positive and comfortable work environment and adopting sound human management practices.
From setting up of comfortable office workstation to adhering to employee-centric HR policies, multiple factors come into play in winning the employees loyalty and in turn, improving their commitment towards their work.

A holistic approach towards workplace design and work culture can elevate the work experience of the people and contribute significantly towards achieving the set targets without fail. Here we have enlisted some of the fundamental elements that when given due consideration can keep your employees /staff inspired, motivated and connected from the very onset.

Ways to Create Productive & Positive Work Environment:

Consider Overall Office Layout: In modern times, the demand for open, flexible spaces that promote mobility has risen substantially. These spaces encourage collaborative work environment and foster relationships in employees. However, the need for designating private, individual workspaces for works, calls and meetings that need privacy should not be ignored. Well-designed workspaces give employees the flexibility to think and work in a quiet and peaceful environment, along with the option to collaborate and ideate in areas designed for discussions and brainstorming. So, plan your layout carefully that creates harmonious perfect work environment.

Unlock the Power of Natural Light and Ventilation: Apart from installing indoor lights at strategic points ensure ingress of natural light in your office. Natural light not only improves health and wellness of employees but is also believed to enhance creativity. Keep your office space well-ventilated. Good ventilation improves air quality by making it allergen and pollutant-free and contributes towards boosting the cognitive ability of employees.

Add Freshness of Green: Incorporating plants and greenery is also a positive step that you must consider. It not just adds freshness to your workspace but also alleviates mood of the people around it. Researchers suggest that when individuals connect with nature there is a shift in their brain processing mode that makes them feel more relaxed and focused [1]. It’s one sure-fire way to distress your employees and inspire productivity intrinsically

Improve Aesthetics: Aesthetical aspect of your workspace is instrumental in uplifting the mood of the employees and developing a connection with them. A bright, vibrant, comfortable, well-organized space boosts productivity and invariably has a beneficial psychological impact on employees. Adorn walls with company accomplishments, awards and credential displays, excellence graphs as it adds warmth to space. Aesthetic elements not only create positivity and pleasing work environment but also play a vital role in branding. It creates a sense of identity and credibility in the organization.

Choose Right Furniture: Get Furniture that provides neutral posture comfort to the user. Office table and chair set that are used regularly by the staff should have ergonomic features. Chairs with backrest up to the shoulder and an armrest to support the forearm can offer the desired comfort to the user. Considering the long hours at the desk, chairs with convexity near the lower back are recommended. The office desk should also be around the elbow level, allowing the shoulders to elevate or lean forward to work. Leaving enough space between furniture is also important to facilitate better movement.

Integrate Fun with Work: Create lively spaces and rejuvenation zones like cafes, games room and gym to help employees unwind and get re-energized. Allowing games and fun activities allows the employees to de-stress and makes them more productive. Taking “short-breaks” of a couple minutes throughout the day enables them to return to work with a fresh mind and better attitude.

Adopt Fair Employee Policy: Encourage, reward and recognize your employee’s endeavors. Offering a good package is not enough, motivate them through recognition and appreciation. Your encouragement will make them happy and inspire them to deliver their best.

A workspace that connects with the needs of your employees and keeps them motivated sets the ground for improved performance. Be it something as basic as using ergonomic office furniture, providing proper parking facilities etc or something more complex like building pro-active work culture & employing strategic HR policies, it is always good to opt for an employee-oriented approach that ultimately falls in line with the organization’s growth objective.