Ergonomics Investment Adds up to Your Company’s Bottom-line

We’ve all heard of the adage, Time is Money; similarly, for smart businesses today, Ergonomic benefits mean Economic benefits.

There have often been reports suggesting that the absence of the right ergonomic approach in an office environment has long-term financial implications. According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, for every dollar invested in employee safety, there are savings between three to six dollars[1].  The investment made on workforce well-being and safety pays dividends in terms of worker’s compensation, insurance cost as well as enhanced employee productivity, morale and not to forget employee retention.

Why Investment in Ergonomics is not an Expense?

Investing in ergonomics including modular office furniture, for several organizations represent significant expenditure that they prefer to procrastinate. But technically it is an on-going commitment as opposed to the one-time effort that offers enough benefits against the spending. From the way workstations are set up to something as simple as taking a break, workplace ergonomics integration and its awareness doesn't require hefty expenditure, it is merely a consistent and long-term effort that sets the tone for optimal performance and growth of the employees.

Return on investment is a widely used business tool to measure the ratio of profit or loss relative to the company’s cost.  When properly introduced and managed, ergonomic improvements in workspaces can bring in significant ROI. Want to know how? The typical approach is to compare the financial benefits and outcomes to the cost of the product or process being considered.

For instance, if an employee loses even a few-minutes of productivity every day due to discomfort and pain, it may amount to something more significant at the end of the year. Moreover, the compensation loss caused due to work-related physical injuries further contributes to the financial burden on your budget.

Do you know how much more productive your employee could be if you increase his/her comfort?  Investment in a more comfortable office chair or a height-adjustable table and workstation can curb the loss of productivity and ultimately result in enhanced efficiency. It is a smart investment that organizations must not miss out on!

Earn Employees’ Commitment with Ergonomics

In the current economic environment investing in ergonomic improvements is just the right move to keep your employees geared up. You can introduce ergonomic chairs with intuitive parts so that the seat, backrest, and armrests better accommodate the user and provide them with the desired comfort during their working hours. Moreover, some investment in height-adjustable keyboard trays and other appropriate ergonomic arrangements can help workers improve their focus on work, leading to optimal work performance.

Companies applying ergonomics in work culture are likely to witness the ripple effect of the benefits. When an organization adopts a proactive approach towards the well-being of the workforce, it creates higher levels of job satisfaction and inspires higher commitment levels among the employees. They develop a positive attitude towards their organization which yields a variety of benefits, including decreased turnover rates, better work quality, and improved outputs.

Owing to the higher employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity, the company is in a position to build a strong brand identity and corporate reputation that strengthens its competitive position in the respective industry.

Ergonomics at HNI India

As more and more corporate houses are waking up to the need for ergonomic office set up, we at HNI India are dedicated to providing the best ergonomic solutions. Our endeavors are directed towards improving the existing features and incorporating an innovative approach for creating products that facilitate a healthier and happier workforce. Our wide range of office furniture like height adjustable table, office desk, ergonomic chair, etc. is designed and crafted by the experts who bring in cost-effective ergonomics to the masses and contribute towards improving the work environment.

Irrespective of your industry type, it’s vital to take ergonomics seriously. Look into developing a comprehensive ergonomics program today and attain a positive impact on your bottom line!


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