Height Adjustable Tables for A ‘Flexible’ Work Environment

What Happens When We Sit Too Much?

Physical inactivity is the 4th largest cause of an increase in global mortality [1] . According to research, sitting for long hours without getting up is so unhealthy that even 30 minutes of exercise cannot compensate for it. Which means, getting off your chair every once a while is mandatory despite the morning/evening workout routine. It also says that a short walk after every hour of sitting can lower your blood sugar level by 30% [2] . A fact that can take you by surprise is that 92% of all back pain related issues are a result of inactivity as compared to 8% of cases due to strenuous movement [3] . Sitting, in general, is not evil, not at all and is rather helpful, but excessive sitting is!

Although modern offices employ ergonomic chairs, one still needs to stand in between work. Some workplaces insist majorly on standing even for long hours. But prolonged standing also brings about health issues such as sore feet and swelling of legs, along with back & neck pain. The point is to work in a sit-and-stand manner. Many companies go the extra mile by giving their employees the option of sitting or standing workstations. A height adjustable table is the best bet for those who spend 8 hours or more at their desk. In countries such as Denmark, every worker has the option to request a standing desk, it's the law!

Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

  • Promotes natural body movement

The human body is naturally designed for movement as opposed to sitting for prolonged periods. Our sedentary lifestyle has ensured that we get comfortable with our seating instead of making an effort to get up and move. According to a study, getting up from your desk every hour for at least 5 minutes is the minimum you can do to maintain your health. Movement is good for your spinal cord and joints and maintains your blood circulation. Increased blood circulation ensures a generous supply of oxygen to your brain which improves your mood and eliminates the feeling of boredom, thereby enhancing your productivity.

  • Adapts to all types of people

Height adjustable tables allow for a variety of permutations and combinations, especially when coupled with an ergonomic chair. Employees can work alternating between sitting and standing. They can adjust the desk to view their screens at an optimal angle. This is especially beneficial for excessively tall or short people who find it difficult to adjust to the regular seating positions.

  • Adds to the office Ergonomics

Standard cubicles have a limited scope of adjustment. They come at a fixed height and everything else needs to be adjusted around it. Hence, instead of the work, the focus is shifted to the work table. A sit-stand desk definitely provides a much more sensible alternative. With an adjustable height, the employee can sit more comfortably, conforming to his or her individual ergonomic needs. An ergonomic desk also adds to the modern office environment and makes it a state-of-the-art workplace. Apart from the obvious benefits, modular office furniture never fails to impress your clients.

The Height adjustable desks from HNI India support a range of different working styles and positions, allowing you to work both at sitting and standing heights. The tables are designed to let the wiring hang from the underside of the work surface, with centralized and concealed trunking for tidy and effortless wire management. You may contact HNI India and explore your options.


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