Workplace Wellness – 6 Tips for Your Post Lockdown Fitness

 It’s March 2021 and we have come a full circle to the month where it all really started – except that now we have the COVID vaccine (thank God!). This means, we can now get back to our workplaces with some basic safety precautions. While some employees are happy to go back and finally meet their colleagues in person, some have gotten used to the work-from-home life. Indeed, for many of us, working from home gave us enough scope for self-improvement, at least theoretically, considering we saved a significant amount of time. Unlike the majority of us who stretched our work to fit the entire day leaving us lesser time than expected, there were a few persistent and disciplined individuals among us who deftly used this time at home for self-development. Now that you are getting back to your office and you think you did not utilize your time at home well, no need to feel discouraged, at all. Here are some tips that you can apply in your life to stay fit even while at work. These workout tips will not only help you stay fit but will also help you feel better about yourself and probably cover-up for your missed out time.

  1. 1. Keep those muscles on the move - It may be to use the washroom, sprinkle water to hydrate your face, take a color print of your favorite holiday pic, check out the view from the other side of your department, grab a grape from the fruit box of your colleague or just eavesdrop a gossip - you can have absolutely any reason to take a stroll down the floor. All this ‘small walk’ will add to make up for the lost hours at home.

PS: Keep your walk to yourself, don’t interrupt the focus of your colleagues by gate-crashing their office workstation every so often.

  1. 2. Hold a meeting, while standing - If you are at a position that allows you to ‘call’ meetings, then you are also in a position to stand through the meeting. Additionally, things will become much easier if you have a height adjustable table such as the one by HNI India (Of course!). You can also occasionally fidget with the desk height while you talk to retain/attract attention. 

PS: Don’t stand in a sitting meeting unless you are the host, it will look odd! 

  1. 3. Exercise at the Desk - This might be the most heard yet most ignored advice at work. That is mainly because not many are comfortable with the idea of triceps dips on their work chair or lunges around their desk. But hey, you don’t need to do these moves when you can simply do exercises such as holding your feet off the ground for 60 secs, triceps stretches every once a while, or a neck & wrist stretch. No one will even notice you!

PS: Remember, it’s not a gym – so keep it low key!

  1. 4. Ditch the elevator - Stairs are your ‘thigh’ friend. Take them at least while going down the floors. Use a gadget to count your steps - that might encourage you to do more.

PS: Don’t run through the stairs when you are already late to work! 

  1. 5. Maintain Good Posture - "Sit up straight!" "Don't slouch!" is an admonishment you must have frequently heard in your childhood - this advice is most applicable today while we sit at our offices. Being aware of good posture is the first step to breaking old poor postural habits and reducing stress and strain on your spine. An ergonomic chair, such as the ones by HNI India, is the easiest and best way to ensure good sitting posture.

PS: We recommend ‘Fluence’ by HNI India – probably one of the best ergonomic chair to be used for the all body types.  With its broad back, adjustable lumbar support and a contoured seat, the ‘Fluence’ offers extraordinary comfort. Its contoured outer frame gives a close body-hugging fit that is suitable for dynamic seating; a must for workplace health and happiness.

  1. 6. Snack Healthy - The easiest way to spoil all your efforts is to binge on unhealthy snacks. This includes sugary, salty, fried, and fatty foods. While that is true, you don’t need to completely skip your daily tea or coffee, you can simply cut down on the volume and limit the frequency. 

PS: A cheat meal is fine, just go out and have that cheeseburger already!

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