Chemical Reduction Strategy

We at HNI India shall strive to reduce the use of chemicals in Product, Process, Operation and Maintenance to improve public and environmental health with significant life cycle impact.

This shall be based on the significance of chemical through assessment of maintenance, operation chemicals and process, product level chemicals. This assessment is based on the quantity of chemicals used, relative impact as per Annex.B.

Chemical Management

We at HNI India shall manage the chemicals through chemical management plan and chemical reduction strategy for the use of chemicals in Product, Process, Operation and Maintenance.

Integrated Management

We at HNI India are committed to maintain and continually improve our Integrated Management System by building Quality, Protecting the Environment and Demonstrating Safety performance of precious resources of Man-Machine and Material of the organization through:

  • Product Innovation, Customization and Effective Service Provision
  • Educate and motivate employees and sub contractors by imparting training for Environment, Quality, Health and Safety
  • Safe Operations by eliminating Unsafe Acts and Conditions
  • Focus on prevention of pollution, injury and ill health
  • Complying with all applicable environmental, occupational health and safety legislation and other Legal Requirements
  • Management of environmental aspects of activities Product & Services considering life cycle perspective.
  • Caring Company for our Customers, Distributors, Suppliers, Stake Holders

Solid Waste Management

We at HNI India are committed to the total diversion of solid waste from landfill within the organisation through:

  • Identification of Solid Waste.
  • Recycle, reuse & recovery of solid waste

Human & Eco System Health

It is to declare that any of the employees of HNI India is not under any criminal violation with respect to Human & Ecosystem Health (Environment,Health & Safety) in last three years (2014/2015/2016)


We, at HNI India, are committed to promoting inclusiveness in our workforce Management and Corporate Governance.

  • We will ensure transparency, fairness and give equal opportunities to all sections of the society in employment.
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, colour, religion etc.
  • We will also make our best endeavour to provide employment to physically handicapped/disabled candidates and shall provide necessary facilities and equal opportunity to them by deploying them in work suitable to their capabilities.


Use of Sustainable Wood-

  • HNI India use sustainable wood for its product.
  • We Maximise use of FSC certified wood.
  • Wood use in our product meet the requirement of “CITES” appendix 1 & 2.

Product Design Policy for durability & Upgradability

We at HNI India are committed to design and manufacture products that have

  • A long useful life
  • Can withstand repeated handling,
  • services and repairing.
  • Using standard components which facilitate to maintenance,
  • Servicing and reassembly.
  • The design includes corporate DFE program, as well as sales, marketing, use and warranty materials associated with all products (Including Connect-50, Avail Bench & League Plus) designed and developed by HNI India.

Energy Efficiency

HNI India is committed to continually improve Energy efficiency required for manufacturing processes & related activities by:

  • Implementing energy efficient processes.
  • Adopting the best available technology for energy efficiency.
  • Complying with relevant local, state and national regulations and also with other requirements to which HNI India subscribes.
  • Setting & reviewing objective & target.
  • Promoting awareness related to energy conservation