Avail 30 Plus 50

Efficiency is built into A30+A50, that are shipped fully assembled, providing easy installation and simple reconfiguration. A30+A50 panel accessories and storage solutions, seamlessly integrate to build an efficient and high-performance workspace, where work tools are within arm’s reach.



Avail 30 Plus 50 Office Table And Chair Set

Smart Connections

Seamless integration of 30 with 30, 50 with 50 and 30 with 50 provides flexibility to adapt as per the real estate available.

Collaborate Communicate

Ensuring effective collaboration and communication while keeping a proper space to focus on individual tasks, is the chief challenge of modern day office designs. Multiple combinations of A30+A50, perfectly balance the essentials of focus, communication and teamwork.

Avail 30 Plus 50 Office Workstation Table
Avail 30 Plus 50 Design Choice For Workstation

Design Choices

The A30 + A50 frame-and-tile solution offers a wide range of surface materials, including fabric, laminate, and acrylic.


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