Co|Ho is a versatile, lounge chair that supports both individual and collaborative work across a wide variety of settings. Although the residential furniture commonly seen in destination workspaces can be comfortable and inviting, often times it’s not designed to effectively support the various postures that come with individual and collaborative work. Co|Ho’s light scale design and flexibility offers users the choice to concentrate or collaborate comfortably, bringing the sentiment of a coffee house into the setting of the workplace.




Soft, Inviting Seating

The softened, rounded-corner aesthetics signals comfort that doesn’t disappoint. Soft, comfortable cushioning provides unapparelled support for longer durations of focused or team work

Work or Casual Functions

Light-scale mobility makes relocating more manageable, and its simplicity provides seamless placement, from an under-utilized corner to a reception area, traditional office or a collaborative meeting room.

Smart Design

The automatic, return – to – center feature ensures order even in  the untidiest of common spaces