Work, Play and Rest Everywhere

With rise in automation our uniquely human traits such as creative problem-solving, reasoning, negotiation and empathy, have become more important than ever. Individual work has diminished. Collaboration, and work involving more than one person, has become the dominant way of working.

Today our workplace is evolving to be a wonderful combination of office, home, café, hotel and wellness center. This dynamic environment is called “Playces”. It is a place where our community gathers to work, play and rest.

  • Playces for Work

    Every workplace needs a space for focused work. A space to create or work on ideas or strategies discussed. A space to introspect and plan. Focus work spaces are your self improvement spaces.

  • Playces for Play

    No matter how connected an organization is digitally, the synergy of your team relies on interaction and spaces to get the job done. These spaces could be your cafeterias, conference rooms, discussion areas, social spaces etc.

  • Playces for Rest

    Work and Play is not enough. We also need constructive rest. A suitable resting is able to refresh your mind and recharge your body. Going for a walk, listening music and napping are always good for works. Or you may choose to have a personal time, have a cup of coffee and read some magazines to refresh your mind.