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5 Tips to Buy the Right Desk While Working From Home

We are living in times where people are privileged enough, and in some cases obliged, to work remotely from just about any corner on earth, including, of course, their homes. All you need to have is an internet connection and a table & chair set to work upon. But just like you can’t settle with a dial-up network for your internet needs, you can’t sit with a laptop on your lap for the rest of your work from home tenure. After a point, it becomes imperative to have a workspace that provides the much-needed ergonomic comfort that enhances one’s productivity and ability to work. This can only be achieved by investing in good home office furniture.

While most people don’t mind investing greatly in an ergonomic chair, many do undermine the importance of a good ergonomic desk. In truth, a desk forms the central element of your workspace. Investing in a high-quality office desk is a smart move as it can pay off in the form of increased productivity, which is why it is important to consider certain aspects before buying one. HNI India, a leading home office desk manufacturer, brings to you at least 5 parameters to consider while choosing the right home office desk for your workspace:

1. Size

A work desk will have a permanent real estate space occupied in the form of a laptop or a desktop. Hence, in order to keep room for other elements, it needs to be spacious and clean. The size need not be so huge that it occupies most of your room but also not very small that you can barely move your mouse on it. If there’s a file cabinet or trash cans, there should be sufficient space to accommodate everything. The ideal size is gauged taking into consideration the space available around the desk.

2. Height

When choosing the right height for your desk, you should keep in mind your height and the eye level for your laptop/desktop. Of course, a height adjustable chair can give you a little leverage to adjust your height, an overly tall or short table won’t help. As per the Cornell University Ergonomics Web, the ideal desk height for most office workers is 28 to 30 inches. An optimal way out of the height dilemma would be to invest in a height adjustable table that lets you work even at a standing height.

3. Ergonomic Design

Proper desk ergonomics involve making sure that there’s enough space for your feet, knees, and thighs. Ergonomic design ensures a healthy work posture throughout the day. If you have a short desk, making minor adjustments to it such as placing sheets underneath to bring it to optimal height can prevent muscle strain and back pain. The best way is to buy an ergonomic desk from a trusted name such as HNI India and do away with the hassles of manual adjustment.

4. Space

An office desk without sufficient storage can lead to a lot of mess and clutter. With HNI desk options such as the STAVA, you get dedicated spaces for keeping your stationery, wires, and even elements like succulents on or underneath your desk. A neatly designed furniture helps you work comfortably without letting you feel overwhelmed.

5. Material

When buying new office furniture, you want to make sure they are of good quality if you don’t plan to keep buying a new one every year. Pick ‘engineered wood’ such as the one used by HNI, which is durable, affordable, and comes in a multitude of finishes. Ensure you have laminates that are fireproof and waterproof, be careful of rough edges.

A comfortable, ergonomic workspace can help you feel and work at your best. We suggest keeping these tips in mind every time you start the workday! If you are looking to buy online office furniture, do definitely check out our e-store!

5 Designs From HNI India That Would Make A Perfect Work From Home Desk

With the world settling steadily with the concept of work from home, the demand for office equipment for home has only increased. Furniture forms an important component of this need. A piece of good furniture can be critical to your productivity and health. The HNI range of work from home office furniture empowers you to create spaces that can be rearranged on a whim, creating environments conducive to work even when not in an office. If you are looking for a work from home furniture but are unsure where to start your research from, here are 5 hand-picked choices from HNI that will guide you.

1. AVAIL Height Adjustable Desk - An inspiring space that keeps you active at work

Studies have shown that posture change promotes well-being and increases productivity. The Avail height-adjustable work desk gives you the freedom to move effortlessly from sitting to standing work positions at the press of a button. The height-adjustable table by HNI - AVAIL, is one of the most popular choices among health-conscious folks. You can adjust the desk height according to your preferences and also keep changing it to suit your whims. The memory buttons allow you to record your height preference which eliminates the hassle of setting the right height every time. It also comes with an anti-collision sensor that stops the vertical movement as soon as it hits a barrier, thereby avoiding product damage. The Twin Motor Mechanism comes with a load-bearing capacity of 100kgs per workstation and ensures quick and quiet height adjustment. If you want to work at your full capacity without any compromise on quality, the AVAIL HAD will take you to the peak of your productivity.

2. ONA - Move freely, stand firmly

Most of us have a hard time managing the cables of different devices such as the computer, printer, and other equipment kept on and around our desks. Hence, the ONA comes with a cable management system that involves a grommet and a cable holder underneath it to place your cables and keep them from hanging. The sleek and metallic appearance imparts a professional look to your desk. The legs are attached with lockable castors that provide easy movement and solid stability. The horizontal bar runs between the two.

3. STAVA - Create space for everything

If your requirements are a little more complex and you are looking beyond the simple desk, then STAVA is definitely the choice for you. STAVA is a thoughtful desk that combines workspace and storage space into one. It comes with multiple levels of surfaces that allow you to divide your workspace as you like. You get a dedicated level for your laptop, a top-level for your succulents, pen holders, portraits, or other decorations, and a bottom one for storing files and folders or placing any other stuff. can also be folded to turn it into a file holder. Smart! Isn’t it?

4. TABBY - It’s a table, it’s a cabinet, it’s tabby!

Modern apartments are compact and minimal. Hence, it makes no sense to clutter the already preoccupied space with work from home tables. However, without a dedicated work desk, you can barely get your work done. So when work and space clash with each other, TABBY comes to the rescue. TABBY is a wall-mounted desk that folds up into a compact storage cupboard when not being used as a desk. The desk feels strong and safe because of the anti collapsible bolt that locks the board in place and prohibits it from folding involuntarily. The clever compartments made keeping the typical essentials in account are best to hold your work-related elements in one place. The neat little shelf on top gives you storage space to display some cheerful florals and greenery. So next time your friends come over, you know what will make you look smart!

5. IVO - No fuss, no muss - just pure space

When your requirements are pretty basic and you just want a surface to place your workload on, go for IVO. IVO is a truly simple, humble work desk that gels into your space like it always belonged there. The rounded edges ensure that you don’t get stabbed in the wrong places by accident. It has A-type floating legs which are solid and strong. They are placed in an angular form as opposed to the typical straight legs, to increase stability. And not to forget, it comes with a grommet and a cable holder underneath the surface to manage and hold your cables in place. Overall, IVO is for

HNI Corporation is one of the largest workplace furnishings manufacturers in the world and a leading seating solution provider. All of our furniture is designed to comfort the user irrespective of whether it’s an office or home. You can find the above furniture in our estore and get them home delivered to your doorstep. Happy Working!

Can Furniture Be The Secret To Efficiency In The Workplace? Find Out

Furniture at the workplace plays an important part in boosting your productivity, as well as potential. With the inclusion of great furniture, you'll have the ability to take your productivity to an entirely new level. It's the reason why nearly all office spaces in the world are providing a makeover to their boring and old furniture by including stylish, and new furniture within their offices. Here we will include a few of the ways your office environment influences your productivity:

A good workspace is an expression of employee

A dull, aged, and worn-out office furniture has the potential to infuse the surrounding with the same kind of subdued energy. Furniture that looks professional is essential to increasing your staffs' productivity. Creating a positive work environment more deeply motivates and engages your employees, leading to higher job satisfaction and employee retention within your organization, not to mention less stress among your employees.

A clean surrounding promotes clear thinking

A clean and well-adjusted office is going to keep workers comfortable and they'll have the ability to be more productive in whichever task they're performing. A clean and sanitized office workstation signifies a level of professionalism and sends out the message that you care about your brand and your employees.

You don’t need to waste time looking for essentials

Modular office furniture is perfectly tailored to fit your company infrastructure. What it essentially implies is that you have enough space under your desk or behind you to keep things handy. While having your essentials within reach won’t necessarily make you super productive but it will certainly take away your stress and will let you focus on work.

Standing desks make you stay active

Humans are not originally designed to sit for long periods. Sitting gradually eats away from your health. A height adjustable table ensures that you remain mobile even if you stay stationary at your own place. It adds to your health and keeps you energetic.

Some Vitamin D would make your day brighter

According to studies, as compared with employees in offices that didn't have windows, the ones that have windows in the workplace obtained 173% more white light exposure within work hours and slept a median of 46 minutes more a night. The sun helps our bodies produce vitamin D, melatonin, and serotonin that help us feel more alert. Better moods and lower anxiety naturally lead to more productive work. Additionally, people exposed to direct and indirect sunlight experience higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Hopefully, this information has helped you to see the many ways that office furniture can improve productivity in the workplace. If you want to improve your employees’ overall health and boost productivity at the office, buy ergonomic chairs & desks by HNI India and it may just be the right solution for you. For more ideas on how you can improve your workspace, visit HNI India today.

Working On A Height Adjustable Table? Make Sure You Make The Most Out Of It

Height adjustable desks add more than functionality and aesthetics to the workplace environment and make it health-supportive for employees. Standing desks are in demand considering the novelty they add to a sedentary job, but many are still not able to achieve the full potential of these efficient workpieces. Improper postures, long-standing hours, and even the wrong footwear can deprive people of the real benefits of a standing desk. Here are a few other suggestions we have that would truly extract the best out of your height adjustable workstation and would add to your health.

• Explore various postures

Utilize the freedom of movement a height adjustable table gives you. Experiment with various postures that you find comfort while working and assist in your productivity. The idea is to remain active and hence a periodic change of position should help. Having a Height-adjustable office workstation does not make it incumbent on you to stand all day. You will still have to sit significantly more than you stand. Rather, they are built to give you the freedom to move around vertically to relieve the stress and fatigue in your muscles. But when you do sit, make sure you have a good ergonomic chair to sit on.

• Wear a good footwear

If a height adjustable desk is a part of your home office furniture, chances are you might be going barefoot. Going without shoes or slippers is probably the best idea. However, if you wear slippers at home or are working from your office where you obviously have to cover your feet, abstain from using uncomfortable footwear like heels or other unsupportive shoes that would not let you stand for long. Additionally, using a footstool while sitting will reduce pressure on your legs and feet.

How does an ergonomic chair fit into the chemistry?

There is no replacement for a good ergonomic chair – with or without a height adjustable table. When used in combination, it enhances the comfort and benefits of using a height adjustable table. An ergonomic chair helps maintain the right posture. As mentioned earlier, having a height adjustable table will give you the benefit to stay active without actually having to move around. However, since you will anyhow be sitting, you cannot compensate the benefits to a not-so-good chair. Adding an ergonomic office chair can drastically improve your posture, reduce back pain and ultimately improve productivity.

HNI India is one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in the world. All of HNI furniture is built with utmost thought and precision after researching particularly market-specific body types and considering what suits them best.

There is seemingly a positive influence in using HNI height adjustable desks on your energy and motivation towards work. HNI height adjustable desks are built considering anthropometric measurements along with ergonomics which makes the desk perfectly comfortable and healthy to work with. Using a height adjustable table will be a favor to your health and general productivity. Contact HNI India at hni-india.com, today.

Is Prolonged Sitting Eating You From The Inside? Switch To Height Adjustable Table

Work is a big part of our lives, no doubt. Those with desk jobs spend about 60% of their hours sitting against the computer screen at their workplace. Even right now, you're probably reading this blog sitting in your chair. But do you know that the longer you stay put, the more anxious your body becomes until you stand up again and take it for a walk? This may sound absurd especially when our bodies seem to prefer sitting over standing.

Human body is designed to sit, stand, walk, bend… but not just to overdo any one of it!

Sure, sitting for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from a workout, but our present lifestyle makes us sit a lot more in comparison to moving around and staying active. Our bodies aren’t designed for such a sedentary lifestyle. Nature has built it to be mobile and active.

So, if every inch of the body is ready and waiting for you to move, what happens when you don't?

Several actions are taking place in your body as you move or sit, here’s a quick run through:

● A typical sitting position at your home office desk involves curved back and slumped shoulders - a position that exerts uneven pressure on your spine causing wear and tear of your spinal discs over time.

● It overworks certain ligaments and joints and puts unnecessary strain on muscles.

● A hunched back also causes your chest to cave in giving your lungs less space to expand when you breathe, limiting the oxygen supply in your blood, and causing you to feel tired & unenergetic.

● The action of sitting also squashes your delicate tissues underneath the buttocks and may even cause swelling in your limbs due to blocked nerves, arteries, and veins reducing blood flow. This is just a gist of what happens when you sit a lot.

Prolonged sitting affects not only your body but also your brain

We are often told to sit down and think. But ironically, it is better for our brain if we would stand and move around. As mentioned earlier, being stationary reduces the amount of oxygen entering your bloodstream through your lungs. Your brain requires both of those things to remain alert, otherwise, your concentration levels will most likely dip as your brain activity slows.

Does investing in an adjustable desk pay off?

While being active has no alternative, the closest you can get to it is by using a height-adjustable work desk. An ergonomically designed furniture supports posture better, is more comfortable, reduces the strain on the spine, and also lowers the risk of neck problems. Relief from Static Muscle Fatigue may only be achieved through muscle movement. A desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing position, a desk that can be of height adjustable along with memorizing the data can be achieved through a height adjustable desk. Standing improves energy and mood, which means an adjustable standing desk can also significantly improve productivity. The benefits of using a height adjustable table will be visible both immediately and in the long run. Some might find it an expensive choice, but the money that you spend on your own health and well-being is always an investment that pays off! HNI India is a premium office furniture company providing ergonomic solutions such as modular office furniture, office chairs, and tables at not so premium prices. Do visit HNI India estore where you can select from a range of our hand-picked work from home furniture collections including the height adjustable table.

In fact, now that the blog’s almost over, why not stand up and stretch right now? So that your body will thank you later!

No Time To Walk Between Work? Height Adjustable Table Lets You Be Mobile At Your Desk

Studies have shown that whether you are working from office or from home, your immediate environment has a deep impact on your health & productivity.

Most of 2020 went in working from home. Now, more and more companies are realizing that, allowing their employees to work from home saves them a lot of operational costs! But working from home does not have to mean you put your laptop on just about anything and work. It also doesn’t mean you buy a dingy table and chair and call it your home office. If you have not bought one yet, you need to buy a home office table and chair set. Studies have shown that your productivity is largely linked to your immediate environment. Hence, you need a proper area with a home office desk to call your workplace.

Even for companies working from the office, now is a great time to consider changing things up – for the good health & increased productivity of their employees. Progressive workspaces now feature a height adjustable table for most of their employees to shuffle between sitting and standing while working without straying too far from their worktable. It is a win-win situation because these workspaces are good for the physical & mental health of the employees, and it also boosts productivity which means employees can get more work done in shorter periods of time. Moreover, as a company, this casts a positive impression in the minds of its employees & its customers because everyone all over the world are becoming more and more health conscious.

There are many benefits of using height adjustable table. Some of which are listed below:

Long Term Benefits

1. Reduced risk of developing a permanent slouch & back pain

Since you are not sitting all the time, your chances of developing a slouch are very little. Since you do not develop a slouch, your chances of suffering from back pain are minimal.

2. Reduced risk of developing heart disease

Being active and not stationary all the time, reduces your chances of developing heart problems or any other such issues.

3. Better blood flow all throughout your body

Being active and shuffling between standing and sitting throughout the day promotes the flow of blood all throughout our body. Since our body is put in different positions, our blood flow increases, and our body gets more blood all over. This leads to better health overall and reduced risk of many diseases. Although you must note that being active for just 1 day will not increase the blood flow in your body, this is a benefit which requires a long period of time to start showing benefits.

Short Term Benefits

1. Standing helps regulate food levels better than sitting

After lunch, don’t you feel drowsy while sitting at your table? Well, studies have found that the human body regulates and digests food much better while in a standing position than while sitting.

2. Better mood & energy levels

Studies have shown that the human body works much better when active. This is because of a special hormone released when we are active or when we workout. This hormone regulates mood and more of this hormone means better mood.

3. Better productivity

As shown in the point above, the hormone released in the human body (male or female) when we workout, helps us stay in a better mood all day. Better mood means we are more active mentally and approach every situation with a positive approach. This leads to better outcomes and increase productivity.

So why don’t we just stand and work all day?

Well, everything in limits is good. Standing all day could also be detrimental to your health. Going from sitting all day to standing all day could lead to big problems, but the point is, even if you are used to standing all day, it is bad. One should create a mix of standing & sitting throughout the day. A Harvard study shows that the best way to go through your workday is to integrate a healthy mix of standing and sitting all throughout the day. The best way to facilitate this is to get a height adjustable table for yourself at home. If you have already decided to get yourself one, we have the perfect one for you! Visit our site https://hni-india.com/ and see for yourself!