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5 Tips to Buy the Right Desk While Working From Home

We are living in times where people are privileged enough, and in some cases obliged, to work remotely from just about any corner on earth, including, of course, their homes. All you need to have is an internet connection and a table & chair set to work upon. But just like you can’t settle with a dial-up network for your internet needs, you can’t sit with a laptop on your lap for the rest of your work from home tenure. After a point, it becomes imperative to have a workspace that provides the much-needed ergonomic comfort that enhances one’s productivity and ability to work. This can only be achieved by investing in good home office furniture.

While most people don’t mind investing greatly in an ergonomic chair, many do undermine the importance of a good ergonomic desk. In truth, a desk forms the central element of your workspace. Investing in a high-quality office desk is a smart move as it can pay off in the form of increased productivity, which is why it is important to consider certain aspects before buying one. HNI India, a leading home office desk manufacturer, brings to you at least 5 parameters to consider while choosing the right home office desk for your workspace:

1. Size

A work desk will have a permanent real estate space occupied in the form of a laptop or a desktop. Hence, in order to keep room for other elements, it needs to be spacious and clean. The size need not be so huge that it occupies most of your room but also not very small that you can barely move your mouse on it. If there’s a file cabinet or trash cans, there should be sufficient space to accommodate everything. The ideal size is gauged taking into consideration the space available around the desk.

2. Height

When choosing the right height for your desk, you should keep in mind your height and the eye level for your laptop/desktop. Of course, a height adjustable chair can give you a little leverage to adjust your height, an overly tall or short table won’t help. As per the Cornell University Ergonomics Web, the ideal desk height for most office workers is 28 to 30 inches. An optimal way out of the height dilemma would be to invest in a height adjustable table that lets you work even at a standing height.

3. Ergonomic Design

Proper desk ergonomics involve making sure that there’s enough space for your feet, knees, and thighs. Ergonomic design ensures a healthy work posture throughout the day. If you have a short desk, making minor adjustments to it such as placing sheets underneath to bring it to optimal height can prevent muscle strain and back pain. The best way is to buy an ergonomic desk from a trusted name such as HNI India and do away with the hassles of manual adjustment.

4. Space

An office desk without sufficient storage can lead to a lot of mess and clutter. With HNI desk options such as the STAVA, you get dedicated spaces for keeping your stationery, wires, and even elements like succulents on or underneath your desk. A neatly designed furniture helps you work comfortably without letting you feel overwhelmed.

5. Material

When buying new office furniture, you want to make sure they are of good quality if you don’t plan to keep buying a new one every year. Pick ‘engineered wood’ such as the one used by HNI, which is durable, affordable, and comes in a multitude of finishes. Ensure you have laminates that are fireproof and waterproof, be careful of rough edges.

A comfortable, ergonomic workspace can help you feel and work at your best. We suggest keeping these tips in mind every time you start the workday! If you are looking to buy online office furniture, do definitely check out our e-store!

Anatomy Of A Perfect Ergonomic Office Chair

As an office-going employee, you will find yourself spending most of your day sitting in your office chair. Hence, it makes full sense that you sit on a comfortable one. In fact, an office chair can be likened to a personal assistant - you would rather have one who provides the required support and not one who adds to your workload!

A 2018 report by workplace solutions provider ‘Steelcase’ titled 'Inside Innovation’ notes that 47% of employees want better work ergonomics. Some time back, Expedia - a global travel agency, conducted a worldwide survey where they found India to be having the highest number of overworked employees, right after Hong Kong. Indian employees worked an average of 42 hours in a week, while Hong Kong worked for 46 hours.

While cutting out on the time employees spend at work may not be an immediate possibility, we can at least make their stay at work less stressful and more fruitful which is where an ergonomic chair matters. An ergonomic office chair makes it easier for sedentary employees to do their job, it reduces their stress and removes unnecessary health hurdles that may arise from prolonged sitting. So what constitutes the anatomy of the best ergonomic chair anyway? Let’s find out.

best ergonomic chair

1. Seat height

An optimal seat height is one where you can place your feet flat on the floor. Hence, choosing a chair with an adjustable seat height is a good idea considering every person is built differently. A seat height that ranges from about 16 to 21 inches off the floor is an ideal height range for most Indian people to be seated comfortably.

2. Seat width and depth

The seat should have enough width and depth to support any user comfortably. Proper seat depth should leave 2 to 4 inches between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees. If the seat is too far ahead, it can put undue pressure on the back of the knees. Usually, 17-20 inches wide is the standard.

3. Seat tilt

Seat tilt is a feature present in all good ergonomic chairs, which allows for the correct positioning of the pelvis. Incorrect positioning of the pelvis leads to an Anterior pelvic tilt, a posture problem affecting almost everyone who sits a lot. Hence, it is recommended to keep the pelvis in a neutral position when sitting, preferably with an 80-degree angle at the hips, knees, and ankles.

4. Backrest Lumbar support

Backrest lumbar support refers to your lower back and is an important feature of an ergonomic chair. Chairs with backrest lumbar adjustment support the natural shape of the spine by aligning the shape of the chair with the curve of the spine, thereby reducing the stress.

5. Backrest recline

An adjustable backrest allows freedom to adjust and position the back in a natural position. This helps distribute weight evenly from your upper body and reduces the pressure on your spinal disk and muscles.

6. Swivel

Swivels allow lateral sideways movement negating the need to twist your body awkwardly when seated. This makes it more convenient for those suffering from lower back pain. The swivel assists with maneuverability, making it easier to reach different points of desks without excessive strain on your lower back.

7. Armrests

Armrests are meant to keep the shoulders relaxed and reduce upper body tension while seated against the desk. However, armrests should not be used when typing as this reduces overall arm movement, which in turn increases wrist movement leading to strain on the forearm muscles.

8. Headrest

An office chair with a headrest prevents you from hunching forward, scrunching your shoulders, and putting pressure on your back. They are meant to provide maximum comfort to your head, upper neck, shoulders, and upper torso while also protecting your back from injury.

9. Fabric

A chair made from comfortable fabric ensures the user’s back remains dry and avoids the accumulation of sweat on the back even with materials such as leather or velvet. Not just that, good fabric options are also capable of adding a distinct charm and cheer to the workstation in particular and the workplace in general.

10. Wheels

The main benefit of chairs with wheels is that you can move them around without the need to lift them up. This is especially helpful if your job frequently requires you to reach out for stuff that is not exactly within your arms' reach.

So is having ergonomic furniture worth the investment? Yes, absolutely!

Not only is ergonomics good for your business, but it’s also great for your employees too. As a global office furniture brand advocating health & safety, we need to be able to demonstrate the value of ergonomics through our range of office furniture. As a leading office chair manufacturer, HNI India designs and develops highly research-based ergonomic office chairs that are built to provide comfort, reduce stress & strain, and significantly boost productivity. You can even check and buy office chairs online through our HNI e-store website.

6 Ways in Which Modular Office Furniture Can Add More Value to Your Workplace

One thing nobody likes is a dull-looking office space. Your office space will have a huge impact on your productivity which is why it is necessary to have the right decorative vibe to your office. Buying the right furniture not only adds a certain warmth but also makes you feel good mentally which in turn helps you boost your productivity. Buying modular office furniture is the easiest option when it comes to your furniture needs.

So, what exactly is modular office furniture? It is basically furniture that can be used individually or in permutations and combinations according to your needs. The biggest advantage of modular office furniture is that it is easy to move around and is flexible to fit in all kinds of decors. Also, with modular furniture, the installation process is considerably shorter and helps you save money as well as time.

Here are some features of Modular Office Furniture:

1. Easily adjustable

As they say, change is the only constant and surely each of you must have wished furniture could be re-arranged occasionally according to need. The good news is modular office furniture can be easily switched to accommodate the latest furniture designs that you might plan to purchase in the future.

2. Variety

The best part about this furniture is that it comes in a variety of selections such as office chairs, lounge chairs & center tables with a wide gamut of colors & designs which makes it easy for you to choose from a variety of furniture.

3. Can be placed anywhere

Since modular furniture can be re-arranged, it can be moved anywhere to your convenience to create a multi-purpose work environment and switch back to the status quo with ease.

4. Space Saver

Modular office furniture can be used effectively to maximize the usage of your office space & some pieces of furniture also have the option of nesting them against the wall when not in use. Saving you a lot of space.

5. Attractive to the eye

Modular furniture is that it comes in a variety of new designs & colors and can easily make any office space look more elegant and livelier. Also, you can order online office furniture through various web platforms.

6. Environment Friendly

Along with great usability & convenience, modular furniture also offers some significant environmental benefits as the raw materials used to make this furniture are re-usable and dust-free to install.

In conclusion, modular office furniture definitely has a lot of advantages over regular furniture and is already becoming popular among office owners. HNI India is one of the largest workplace furnishings manufacturers in the world and a leading seating solution provider with over 350,000 sq. ft. dedicated to a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Nagpur. Redecoration on your mind? Reach out to us at: www.hni-india.com

5 Designs From HNI India That Would Make A Perfect Work From Home Desk

With the world settling steadily with the concept of work from home, the demand for office equipment for home has only increased. Furniture forms an important component of this need. A piece of good furniture can be critical to your productivity and health. The HNI range of work from home office furniture empowers you to create spaces that can be rearranged on a whim, creating environments conducive to work even when not in an office. If you are looking for a work from home furniture but are unsure where to start your research from, here are 5 hand-picked choices from HNI that will guide you.

1. AVAIL Height Adjustable Desk - An inspiring space that keeps you active at work

Studies have shown that posture change promotes well-being and increases productivity. The Avail height-adjustable work desk gives you the freedom to move effortlessly from sitting to standing work positions at the press of a button. The height-adjustable table by HNI - AVAIL, is one of the most popular choices among health-conscious folks. You can adjust the desk height according to your preferences and also keep changing it to suit your whims. The memory buttons allow you to record your height preference which eliminates the hassle of setting the right height every time. It also comes with an anti-collision sensor that stops the vertical movement as soon as it hits a barrier, thereby avoiding product damage. The Twin Motor Mechanism comes with a load-bearing capacity of 100kgs per workstation and ensures quick and quiet height adjustment. If you want to work at your full capacity without any compromise on quality, the AVAIL HAD will take you to the peak of your productivity.

2. ONA - Move freely, stand firmly

Most of us have a hard time managing the cables of different devices such as the computer, printer, and other equipment kept on and around our desks. Hence, the ONA comes with a cable management system that involves a grommet and a cable holder underneath it to place your cables and keep them from hanging. The sleek and metallic appearance imparts a professional look to your desk. The legs are attached with lockable castors that provide easy movement and solid stability. The horizontal bar runs between the two.

3. STAVA - Create space for everything

If your requirements are a little more complex and you are looking beyond the simple desk, then STAVA is definitely the choice for you. STAVA is a thoughtful desk that combines workspace and storage space into one. It comes with multiple levels of surfaces that allow you to divide your workspace as you like. You get a dedicated level for your laptop, a top-level for your succulents, pen holders, portraits, or other decorations, and a bottom one for storing files and folders or placing any other stuff. can also be folded to turn it into a file holder. Smart! Isn’t it?

4. TABBY - It’s a table, it’s a cabinet, it’s tabby!

Modern apartments are compact and minimal. Hence, it makes no sense to clutter the already preoccupied space with work from home tables. However, without a dedicated work desk, you can barely get your work done. So when work and space clash with each other, TABBY comes to the rescue. TABBY is a wall-mounted desk that folds up into a compact storage cupboard when not being used as a desk. The desk feels strong and safe because of the anti collapsible bolt that locks the board in place and prohibits it from folding involuntarily. The clever compartments made keeping the typical essentials in account are best to hold your work-related elements in one place. The neat little shelf on top gives you storage space to display some cheerful florals and greenery. So next time your friends come over, you know what will make you look smart!

5. IVO - No fuss, no muss - just pure space

When your requirements are pretty basic and you just want a surface to place your workload on, go for IVO. IVO is a truly simple, humble work desk that gels into your space like it always belonged there. The rounded edges ensure that you don’t get stabbed in the wrong places by accident. It has A-type floating legs which are solid and strong. They are placed in an angular form as opposed to the typical straight legs, to increase stability. And not to forget, it comes with a grommet and a cable holder underneath the surface to manage and hold your cables in place. Overall, IVO is for

HNI Corporation is one of the largest workplace furnishings manufacturers in the world and a leading seating solution provider. All of our furniture is designed to comfort the user irrespective of whether it’s an office or home. You can find the above furniture in our estore and get them home delivered to your doorstep. Happy Working!

Is Hybrid Working here to stay?

As the after effects of pandemic begin to fade and humans start buzzing around offices again, several organizations around the world are considering a hybrid work model as the optimal solution for their businesses. Work-from-home (WFH) culture undeniably served as the contingency plan for companies to counter the pandemic blow. Emerged as a temporary arrangement during the outbreak, today it’s shaping the future of corporate working style. All major companies are considering a hybrid work model to reap the benefits of both worlds — working from office and work-from-home. Although the new approach seems promising it’s still in the nascent stage and needs proper evaluations and preparedness to transform into the mainstream working model. To understand the core value of the hybrid work principle, let’s dive a little deeper!

Understanding hybrid working model

Hybrid working is a location-flexible working model that provides employees with the opportunity to enjoy a mix of remote & office working style. It facilitates working across different workspaces including corporate offices, co-working areas and homes.

Different organizations may adopt unique hybrid models that best suit their businesses. A typical hybrid model may include the onsite presence of a core group where others are free to come and go, depending upon their specific project demands.

While arrangements may vary (same employees may be deputed onsite, or it could be different people on different days/times), the central idea remains the same – facilitating flexibility and convenience at work. This may go as far as including suitable working hours, ergonomic modular office furniture set up, effective communication channels and more.

The hybrid approach gives the employees a chance to strike a perfect work-life balance, paving the way for maximum job satisfaction and greater efficiency.

However, the success of a hybrid system lies in how well you reframe employee touchpoints and redefine the role of the physical workspace. When executed judiciously, this new framework can bear fruits in future in terms of improved productivity, lower costs and stronger work culture, transcending physical boundaries.

Factors that make up for an efficient hybrid work model

People, process and technology are the key drivers that define the success or failure of a business. Tailoring these essential elements is imperative to attaining optimized outcomes from a hybrid working model.

Enlisted below are some of the ways that ensure your hybrid work model doesn’t fail:

1. Make employees a part of the process:

One of the simplest ways to ensure your hybrid initiative yields results is by including employees in the Make them a part of the journey by garnering their cooperation and support. Conduct employee surveys and polls and get their views on what they feel about the hybrid system of working. This will help you take the right decisions and set concrete policies. When employees feel involved and their opinions matter, they work happy.

2. Develop your tech support:

Adequate and efficient tech support is an absolute must for a seamless workflow. A company that plans to go for a hybrid work model must zero in on building friction-free and agile technical support procedures. For instance, selecting a suitable remote monitoring management tool that facilitates platform onboarding, simplifies mobile device management, etc. can make a lot of difference.

3. Remove communication barriers:

Overhauling of communication system becomes important to promote coherence in disperse and diverse teaming work culture. A paradigm shift in management style here is unavoidable. Leaders will need to adapt to newer and more effective ways of communication so that employees stay connected, motivated and productive. Be it instant messaging, video conferencing or simply transferring of files, a streamlined communication system will be the pre-requisite for a thriving hybrid work system.

4. Prioritize safety & comfort in workspace:

Create a work ambience that meets the security and comfort requirements of the employees coming back to the physical workplace. For instance, allowing only those people to offices who are fully vaccinated can be the right initiative. Also, as they will be joining the formal workflow after a long hiatus make sure to offer them the convenience of work from home. Go for top quality office furniture like the best ergonomic chair, height adjustable table and more that makes working less stressful.

5. Be upfront:

Irrespective of where your employees are working from, maintaining transparency is critical to sustained success. All working professionals, be it senior executives or new hires must have a clear idea of the specific work policies. Keep them informed of and in agreement with your hybrid work policies so that no is no room for any misunderstanding or friction.

6. Maintain right balance of work culture:

As you need to manage two distinct teams- at home employees and in-office employees, the biggest challenge in Hybrid work system is accomplishing a unified workplace culture. Meaningful collaborations from time to time can play a pivotal role in aligning employees with the company’s shared values and goals. Events such as social hours and virtual town hall meetings serve the purpose right. It allows employees and management to engage in open yet inclusive and focused interaction.

Make hybrid model work for your business

Hybrid work culture stresses on building a work environment that helps employees grow professionally as well as personally. Undoubtedly it has emerged as a practical solution to the current situation for a host of companies but the efficacy will depend on how well you plan and execute the hybrid work model.  If you’re an organization mulling over a hybrid work model, embrace innovative thinking and consider identifying solutions to potential issues before they become a reality. Being proactive and flexible is the route to attaining your goals easily!

Six Types Of Work-From-Home Personalities – Which One Is You?

We are in the last trimester of 2021 and “work from home” has become more mainstream than “work from office”. Many of us had not anticipated that the remote work situation would extend for more than a few days from the pandemic, but clearly, providence had other plans. Today we are living in a time where many of us are rethinking how we approach work – from how we connect with our individual team members to how we allocate our time and consider work-life balance. After a particular study on the experiences of employees working from home, it was found that the total can more or less be divided into 6 categories of people based on their behaviors and working patterns. Read on to explore these 6 people in detail and see if you fit into any one of them.

1. The Juggler - Deals with work and family with equal ease

Everybody wants a piece of this person - from family & friends to co-workers and the boss. Their typical day is packed with meetings, buying groceries, doing household chores, entertaining calls, handling the kids and working again. They are the most efficient of the lot and have learnt the art of juggling between work and life. They strive to make the most of the day by smartly distributing tasks to the team and not doing everything on their own. They are skilled at the art of time management.

2. The hermit - they leave their homes once in a blue moon

COVID has just made them more assured of their solitary behavior. They are thrilled to work at their own rhythm and would not leave their homes unless really required. It is not like they are inherently introverted, when confronted in a social situation, they can very well strike a meaningful conversation and even be the life of the party if they want to. But still, the only company they enjoy the most is their own. With them, you can expect your work to be done on time.

3. The self-driven workaholic - they perform at their peak

This person’s main concern is to get the work done at all costs. They work repeatedly over the required hours, even at the cost of their sleep, family time or personal life. They enjoy their work and look at it as something that gives meaning to their day. In other cases, their workaholic behavior arises out of the need to prove that there has been no change to productivity since Work from home has been introduced. Beware of these ambitious lot, they work years ahead of their time and grow in leaps and bounds.

4. The organizer - got a better home office than an actual office

They are probably the best adapters when it comes to building a perfect work from home furniture setup. They foresaw the future in the initial days of lockdown and wisely invested in buying home office chairs and tables. When the rest of the people were slouching on their sofas and straining their backs, the organizers were well ahead of their league going around their business smoothly without hurting their health or hampering their productivity.

5. The corporate lovers - they miss all the action on the campus

One of the best parts of going to the office is the environment and ambience that is peculiar to the modern IT parks. While some of us might not be such big fans of the glass buildings, these personality types find their motivation in these very surroundings. They find it hard to forego the vibe that comes with corporate space and hence also lose interest in work.

6. The traveler - the world is their workplace

They make the most of work from home by working from various locations. They look at this as an opportunity to explore their world while also getting their work done. In fact, in many creative job profiles, these people actually tend to perform better.

So, did you find yourself fitting into any one of the above types? In conclusion, we reckon that wherever you work from and whatever be your personality type, using HNI India office table and chair set would certainly ensure to add a charm to your work.

No Time To Walk Between Work? Height Adjustable Table Lets You Be Mobile At Your Desk

Studies have shown that whether you are working from office or from home, your immediate environment has a deep impact on your health & productivity.

Most of 2020 went in working from home. Now, more and more companies are realizing that, allowing their employees to work from home saves them a lot of operational costs! But working from home does not have to mean you put your laptop on just about anything and work. It also doesn’t mean you buy a dingy table and chair and call it your home office. If you have not bought one yet, you need to buy a home office table and chair set. Studies have shown that your productivity is largely linked to your immediate environment. Hence, you need a proper area with a home office desk to call your workplace.

Even for companies working from the office, now is a great time to consider changing things up – for the good health & increased productivity of their employees. Progressive workspaces now feature a height adjustable table for most of their employees to shuffle between sitting and standing while working without straying too far from their worktable. It is a win-win situation because these workspaces are good for the physical & mental health of the employees, and it also boosts productivity which means employees can get more work done in shorter periods of time. Moreover, as a company, this casts a positive impression in the minds of its employees & its customers because everyone all over the world are becoming more and more health conscious.

There are many benefits of using height adjustable table. Some of which are listed below:

Long Term Benefits

1. Reduced risk of developing a permanent slouch & back pain

Since you are not sitting all the time, your chances of developing a slouch are very little. Since you do not develop a slouch, your chances of suffering from back pain are minimal.

2. Reduced risk of developing heart disease

Being active and not stationary all the time, reduces your chances of developing heart problems or any other such issues.

3. Better blood flow all throughout your body

Being active and shuffling between standing and sitting throughout the day promotes the flow of blood all throughout our body. Since our body is put in different positions, our blood flow increases, and our body gets more blood all over. This leads to better health overall and reduced risk of many diseases. Although you must note that being active for just 1 day will not increase the blood flow in your body, this is a benefit which requires a long period of time to start showing benefits.

Short Term Benefits

1. Standing helps regulate food levels better than sitting

After lunch, don’t you feel drowsy while sitting at your table? Well, studies have found that the human body regulates and digests food much better while in a standing position than while sitting.

2. Better mood & energy levels

Studies have shown that the human body works much better when active. This is because of a special hormone released when we are active or when we workout. This hormone regulates mood and more of this hormone means better mood.

3. Better productivity

As shown in the point above, the hormone released in the human body (male or female) when we workout, helps us stay in a better mood all day. Better mood means we are more active mentally and approach every situation with a positive approach. This leads to better outcomes and increase productivity.

So why don’t we just stand and work all day?

Well, everything in limits is good. Standing all day could also be detrimental to your health. Going from sitting all day to standing all day could lead to big problems, but the point is, even if you are used to standing all day, it is bad. One should create a mix of standing & sitting throughout the day. A Harvard study shows that the best way to go through your workday is to integrate a healthy mix of standing and sitting all throughout the day. The best way to facilitate this is to get a height adjustable table for yourself at home. If you have already decided to get yourself one, we have the perfect one for you! Visit our site https://hni-india.com/ and see for yourself!

Cut Your Anxiety and Be at Your Productive Best Using These Workplace Tips

It’s normal for any person to experience work stress at some point in time. Whether it’s about meeting deadlines or resolving project issues at critical stage, work related stress can leave you unnerved. Studies show that excess stress can have significant impact on your physical health. Headaches, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping and mood disorders leading to anxiety and depression are just to name some. In such a scenario even the most personalized work-from-home set up including your comfy home office furniture can fail to offer the desired solace.

Ongoing-stress can also take a toll on your professional as well as personal life. Reduced work quality, deteriorating relations at personal and professional level, lack of motivation and concentration, all can throw you off balance. If you are experiencing stress or anxiety at work, do not overlook it. Instead, try to figure out the root cause and adopt effective strategies to weight it down. Easier said than done, right?

Well, here are some tried and true methods that will guide you to relieve stress at work – so you can bounce back.

De-clutter Your Workspace

Do you have mounds of files and papers strewn around your desk or walls that are too heavily hung with picture and artwork? Well, you really need to rethink about your work space. Clutter has way of diverting attention and causing confusion. The more things you see, the more distracted you can get from work. Going minimal is the key. Take time to de-clutter your office workstation. Identify the items you use routinely and place them within your reach. Rest you can put in a drawer or some other space on your desk. Also, check if your modular office furniture arrangement supports ingress of natural light. With a cleaner and well-organized workspace, you will feel more put together and motivated.

Create a comfortable workspace

Being locked to the screen for long periods of time, especially when you’re not positioned properly, can be detrimental to your body muscles and joints. Create a healthy work space with right furniture that supports you. Invest in best ergonomic chair to avoid working at uncomfortable position. HNI India offers a wide range of ergonomic chairs that are primed to help you maintain right posture and feel relaxed. You must give it a try! Remember, ergonomic seating is not a luxury but a necessity. Also, staying active is important. Stretch a little before sitting down, go for a mid-task walk, stand every thirty minutes/hour and even consider investing in a movable desk where you can arrange the height to stand or sit.

Adopt practical approach to fulfill your commitments

It’s good to be career-driven and goal oriented but don’t buckle under the strain of long term commitments. If you are too stressed about future to-do list instead of focusing on present task, you might find yourself stuck. Try to shift your focus to short term task list. If you have a major project to handle, break it into smaller tasks and tackle each, one at a time. Learn to prioritize and delegate responsibility. This will help you stay de-stressed and attain your objectives positively.

Comparison can hold you back:

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others, but doing it in a way that makes you feel insecure and stressed out can get you into a vicious trap. There will always be people around you performing better or appear to be more together. Don’t strain yourself trying to keep up with them. You can’t be that person and it’s just fine. Avoid negative comparison to others in the workplace. Instead focus on your strengths, development and performance to secure personal success.

Add a little privacy to your workday:

Working remotely poses challenge in establishing a personal workspace that fosters productivity, creativity and connection. If you are sharing your office space with your roommate/partner or your children are cause of distraction, then getting that professional feel of office workstation is difficult to achieve. However, you should not let these factors hinder your work. All you need to do is systematize things a bit- align space and time that suits you best. For instance, you can choose to work early morning when there is least distraction or place a sign of I’m busy on the door when attending an important meeting. You may even re-arrange your furniture or order an item that can help create the illusion of separation. Drawing balance is essential; just strive to set those healthy boundaries and reap long term benefits.

In the current times when it’s easy to lose motivation, connection and certainty, discover ways to bring joy and positivity into the working space. The above pointers will help you stay more aware of your requirements, maintain healthy work style and reach your optimum potential.