Libro is an ergonomic task chair that is designed in India for India. Libro is Intuitively designed to effortlessly adapt to the ergonomic needs that provides support at the right areas, enabling unrestricted movement. It is a versatile solution for you and your workspace.




Foam Back Lumbar Support

Libro comes with the foam back Lumber support which helps promote good posture as it properly aligns your muscles and spine. It helps reduces the tension in the lower back. It is firm enough for the right push. At the same time soft enough for your comfort.

Adjustable Armrest

Libro chairs come with Adjustable Armrest. It provides the ideal sitting position while working. Whether you’re working on your laptop, probing, reading, or just relaxing, 1D adjustable armrest helps to provide maximum arm support.


Seat Depth Adjustment

Libro comes with the Seat depth adjustment ensuring to provide optimum back support one may require maintaining a good body posture. It helps to distribute the body weight, thus reducing the stress and strain on lower back.

Plastic Seat Bottom

  1. Libro comes with Plastic Seat Bottom which makes it Durable, Light weight and Comfortable. It is designed to provide adequate support and cushioning for ergonomic use. 



Build Your Own Libro

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