Your Ideal Multi Solution - Longhouse is best for individual or group work, allowing you to focus, collaborate, rest and recharge. Engagement and community satisfaction leads to more efficient use of time, balancing work, play and rest for a thriving and productive community.



A key aspect of Longhouse bench is its effortless adaptability and ability to be expanded, contracted or reconfigured to match the needs of everyone at a workplace.

The Height Adjustable discussion table allows for stand up meetings and casual discussions without having to get away from your workstation.

fabric screen and modesty panel

With the options of fabric screen and modesty panel for blocking distractions the Longhouse lends to a private and productive atmosphere.

The Longhouse is based on the principle of reducing chaos in the workplace. With its unique offering of a Planter Tray, it introduces calming properties of plants and creates a relaxed workplace.

Aesthetic Engineering

Longhouse’s 30mm steel-tube offers an adaptive post structure. Posts are inserted into each other to offer height and create surfaces. Longhouse elements such as shelter, screen, surface, and structure exist at varying elevations beautifully, ideal for all manner of work.

All in One Solutions

Contemporary workplaces offer opportunities for focused work, team interactions and collaborative brainstorming. Through its multitude of applications, Longhouse combines all 3 applications into one impressive combination, allowing for enhanced productivity.