Play & Work

Office space can have a positive impact on the atmosphere in the workplace and support building social relations. The right design is the key to success.
Play & Work sofas can be used in relaxation and informal meeting zones, and thanks to their high, upholstered panels, they can become a quiet place for concentrated work.

Play & Work



Make work play

By picking modules in intense, vivid colours and juxtaposing them with free-standing tables, you can create the perfect place to have your morning coffee, over which you and your team can plan out your entire day at the office.

Room in a room

With high, upholstered walls which can be used to build a “room in a room”: a separate area close to the work area, where you can sit down and discuss a project with your colleagues at any time. Thanks to the high panels, the sofas have a large sound absorbing surface, which can contribute to improving the acoustic properties of the room.


Designed by Jan Wertel & Gernot Oberfell

Jan Wertel and Gernot Oberfell are world-famous designers who can combine art with functionality. They look for design inspiration in the surrounding world – in the reality that is closest and most tangible for all of us.