Finding It Hard to Work From Home? Here Are 3 Ways to Make Your Life Easy

Thanks to the almost en masse enforcement of “work from home”, we can imagine the term, ‘homework’ to take upon a whole new meaning today. For remote working parents with kids, working & schooling together from home means that ‘homework’ is no more related to their children but may also include their office work and well, the actual housework too. Previously, the travel distance between office and home used to give employees the time to transition into their roles. But today, your office starts right at your bed. What this has essentially done is blur the lines between professional and personal life, leading to health issues among people. To successfully maintain a healthy work-life balance, we should set clear boundaries by creating intentional ways to manage work & home. Here are 3 lines that you need to draw for clearly separating work from home and reclaiming your mental and physical health, even better than it was before.

  1. Limit usage of electronic devices

  • • Mute or manage social media notifications  

Social media is proving to be the biggest distraction of our times. How many times have you found yourself guilty of unlocking your phone to reply to a message and ending up surfing through Instagram and Facebook? In case you are using WhatsApp even for official communication, you can at least set a different tone for office contacts so that you know whether to check messages or not. Mute family groups!

  • • Avoid using multiple communication tools when connecting professionally 

More the tools, more are the chances of distraction & disturbance. Encourage your team to suggest or choose a communication platform and stick to it. Using multiple platforms will only increase your screen time and divide your attention.

  • • By not responding to emails, messages, and group chats immediately 

According to research, each time we’re distracted it takes around 23 minutes for an average person to get back on track. To avoid losing your focus to distraction, you may turn off personal email pop-ups and all app notifications. Schedule particular times throughout your day to respond to messages. Let everyone know by updating your app status or adding your schedule to your email signature or auto-response. Also, let people know that if it’s an emergency, they can surely call you.

   2. Set a boundary on the actual working area

  • • Define your office territory clearly 

Defining a clear work territory helps to avoid intrusion of your family in your workspace. Some people are juggling between working spouses, kids who can’t go to school and family who can’t be shifted anywhere else. When private space is a premium, it can be hard to focus. Whether you use the dining room table or your kid’s desk, defining a spot that screams “I’m at work” makes a big difference on your ability to focus. This serves as a visual cue for kids and other family members that you are now at work and should not be disturbed.

  • • Remove audio-visual distractions 

It’s easy to be distracted every time someone walks into the room. Shut your windows if the noise outside is distracting you. Block out “visual noise” with plants, bookcases, even your computer monitor to keep yourself focused. Tidy up your workspace to eliminate visual chaos which can also be distracting. 

  • • Keep it professional 

It is easy to get lost in the domestic chaos of mundane life. You can get for yourself a proper “work from home furniture”. This will not only mark a clear territory for children running in the middle of your work but also instil a sense of professionalism & sincerity while working. Equipping yourself with ergonomic office furniture will also go a long way in keeping you fit and fine. Being one of the world leaders in office furniture manufacturers, we would definitely recommend you to check out the collection at HNI India. At HNI India, we have a range of contemporary and ergonomic office furniture that would make your work from home much more convenient and healthy. We even deliver across major cities in India, delivering right to your doorstep . What more can you possibly ask for!

3. Set clear distinction on your personal & professional life

  1. • Stick to your calendar schedule 

Working from home has habituated us with getting out of bed straight into your laptop and working late in into the night only to doze off in the same bed. However, ideally we should be planning and “respecting” the calendar. When you have one call at 9 in the morning and another at 8 in the evening, you should fit your jogging or workout playing catch with your kids in the appropriate middle. Whatever you do, plan your day and stick to it.

  1. • Respect break times and logouts - If you won’t, nobody else will

Certainly, work should be respected and at times, you may have to go overboard to complete your projects, but don’t mistake into making this your way of life. When at break, enjoy the break, once logged out, respect your private time.

  1. • Spend quality time with your family and yourself - Because family is forever

You may change your jobs, but you probably won’t be changing your family. And after all, isn’t it family you are working for! So, log off your system (once it’s time that is) and have a healthy chat with your family.

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