Tips to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office

Maintaining good health is not just about wearing masks and using sanitizers every so often that you get up in the middle of your “work-from-home” routine and head to the market to get some stuff. It also includes staying healthy while you’re working. Ideally, work should not exclude wellness and the least it should be is injurious to your health. It’s been 6 months into the lockdown and many of us are now accustomed to our sofas and dining tables as our new found workstations. However, we need to understand the long term effects a bad posture can have on our health. Sitting in the wrong place can cause mental anxiety, boredom, and lethargy. Hence, minding the ergonomics of your home office furniture is an important aspect of effectively working from home. When done correctly, you not only work efficiently but also stay healthy and perform better. Here are some tips you can apply to set up the ergonomics in your home office.

Choose a desk that suits your work

Your requirements are based on the kind of work you do and also the kind of space you have. For instance, if you already have less space for any extra furniture, you can go for a wall-mounted modular desk that can be spread out while working and folded back into the wall once done. If you usually have a lot of stuff lying around on your worktable, you may want a home office desk with more storage space or a separate wall-mounted compact storage unit to dump it there. There is also the option of the height-adjustable table that allows you to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing with either an electricc height adjustment mechanism. They have especially been proven to be beneficial to the user’s musculoskeletal health and allow them to focus and concentrate more effectively. 

Get ergonomic chairs

With adjustable seat height, lumbar support, armrests, rotating swivel, and wheels to move around, the best ergonomic chair is the one that allows a customized experience to each user. A comfortable chair enables you to work longer without experiencing fatigue and stress. More importantly, it saves your back & neck from getting injured. 

Check out the HNI range of ergonomic chairs below:

Note: If you must work at a dining room table and chair, consider adding extra cushions to the seat to elevate you to an appropriate height for healthy arm and wrist postures. It will also be necessary to support your feet with a box, so they are not kept dangling. 

Select an appropriate location 

Darker locations are generally depressing while sunny locations are distracting, choose a moderate location where you are not bombarded with direct sunrays but you get enough sunlight to build a cheerful and positive ambience. Sitting near a window is the best option as every once in a while you will be able to peep outside and give your eyes a break from the screen. Make sure your screen is placed such that it does not reflect sunlight on your eyes. 

Choose a product with warranty

Warranty is an important element of purchase. It gives you the confidence to use your furniture to its fullest potential without worrying about the damages. A comprehensive warranty is also an indication of the company’s confidence in its product and its willingness to cover you in case of breakage. On the contrary, cheap products have no guarantee and can also be toxic in nature and especially susceptible around kids.

Ask for company Installation

Buying your work from home furniture from a trusted supplier such as HNI India, means you don’t have to worry about delivery and setting up of furniture. This is an investment you wouldn’t want to regret – hence do your research & choose wisely!

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