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6 Ways in Which Modular Office Furniture Can Add More Value to Your Workplace

One thing nobody likes is a dull-looking office space. Your office space will have a huge impact on your productivity which is why it is necessary to have the right decorative vibe to your office. Buying the right furniture not only adds a certain warmth but also makes you feel good mentally which in turn helps you boost your productivity. Buying modular office furniture is the easiest option when it comes to your furniture needs.

So, what exactly is modular office furniture? It is basically furniture that can be used individually or in permutations and combinations according to your needs. The biggest advantage of modular office furniture is that it is easy to move around and is flexible to fit in all kinds of decors. Also, with modular furniture, the installation process is considerably shorter and helps you save money as well as time.

Here are some features of Modular Office Furniture:

1. Easily adjustable

As they say, change is the only constant and surely each of you must have wished furniture could be re-arranged occasionally according to need. The good news is modular office furniture can be easily switched to accommodate the latest furniture designs that you might plan to purchase in the future.

2. Variety

The best part about this furniture is that it comes in a variety of selections such as office chairs, lounge chairs & center tables with a wide gamut of colors & designs which makes it easy for you to choose from a variety of furniture.

3. Can be placed anywhere

Since modular furniture can be re-arranged, it can be moved anywhere to your convenience to create a multi-purpose work environment and switch back to the status quo with ease.

4. Space Saver

Modular office furniture can be used effectively to maximize the usage of your office space & some pieces of furniture also have the option of nesting them against the wall when not in use. Saving you a lot of space.

5. Attractive to the eye

Modular furniture is that it comes in a variety of new designs & colors and can easily make any office space look more elegant and livelier. Also, you can order online office furniture through various web platforms.

6. Environment Friendly

Along with great usability & convenience, modular furniture also offers some significant environmental benefits as the raw materials used to make this furniture are re-usable and dust-free to install.

In conclusion, modular office furniture definitely has a lot of advantages over regular furniture and is already becoming popular among office owners. HNI India is one of the largest workplace furnishings manufacturers in the world and a leading seating solution provider with over 350,000 sq. ft. dedicated to a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Nagpur. Redecoration on your mind? Reach out to us at: www.hni-india.com

Six Types Of Work-From-Home Personalities – Which One Is You?

We are in the last trimester of 2021 and “work from home” has become more mainstream than “work from office”. Many of us had not anticipated that the remote work situation would extend for more than a few days from the pandemic, but clearly, providence had other plans. Today we are living in a time where many of us are rethinking how we approach work – from how we connect with our individual team members to how we allocate our time and consider work-life balance. After a particular study on the experiences of employees working from home, it was found that the total can more or less be divided into 6 categories of people based on their behaviors and working patterns. Read on to explore these 6 people in detail and see if you fit into any one of them.

1. The Juggler - Deals with work and family with equal ease

Everybody wants a piece of this person - from family & friends to co-workers and the boss. Their typical day is packed with meetings, buying groceries, doing household chores, entertaining calls, handling the kids and working again. They are the most efficient of the lot and have learnt the art of juggling between work and life. They strive to make the most of the day by smartly distributing tasks to the team and not doing everything on their own. They are skilled at the art of time management.

2. The hermit - they leave their homes once in a blue moon

COVID has just made them more assured of their solitary behavior. They are thrilled to work at their own rhythm and would not leave their homes unless really required. It is not like they are inherently introverted, when confronted in a social situation, they can very well strike a meaningful conversation and even be the life of the party if they want to. But still, the only company they enjoy the most is their own. With them, you can expect your work to be done on time.

3. The self-driven workaholic - they perform at their peak

This person’s main concern is to get the work done at all costs. They work repeatedly over the required hours, even at the cost of their sleep, family time or personal life. They enjoy their work and look at it as something that gives meaning to their day. In other cases, their workaholic behavior arises out of the need to prove that there has been no change to productivity since Work from home has been introduced. Beware of these ambitious lot, they work years ahead of their time and grow in leaps and bounds.

4. The organizer - got a better home office than an actual office

They are probably the best adapters when it comes to building a perfect work from home furniture setup. They foresaw the future in the initial days of lockdown and wisely invested in buying home office chairs and tables. When the rest of the people were slouching on their sofas and straining their backs, the organizers were well ahead of their league going around their business smoothly without hurting their health or hampering their productivity.

5. The corporate lovers - they miss all the action on the campus

One of the best parts of going to the office is the environment and ambience that is peculiar to the modern IT parks. While some of us might not be such big fans of the glass buildings, these personality types find their motivation in these very surroundings. They find it hard to forego the vibe that comes with corporate space and hence also lose interest in work.

6. The traveler - the world is their workplace

They make the most of work from home by working from various locations. They look at this as an opportunity to explore their world while also getting their work done. In fact, in many creative job profiles, these people actually tend to perform better.

So, did you find yourself fitting into any one of the above types? In conclusion, we reckon that wherever you work from and whatever be your personality type, using HNI India office table and chair set would certainly ensure to add a charm to your work.